Re: No Virtual Audio VAC output with VB-Audio?


this happens to me after every Windows update and yes

1. remove
2. reboot
3. install

you are good to g until the nest Windows update, at lease this has been my experience


On Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 8:19 PM, Garden Troll <jefferylegere@...> wrote:
I had this problem last week. A complete removal of VAC/reboot/reinstall solved it.

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V3, Beta2 Build 1079

Given lack of replies, may I rephrase this question? Does anyone use the VB-Audio VAC audio output without problems?

Trying to get it to work with various data decoding software but just never see output on this channel in SDR Console V3, but do for other apps/progs. Just wondered if needs some configuration somewhere within Console V3 that I may be missing?

Many thanks


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