Re: How To Activate Satellites For (V3) #rtl #satellites

David Woodward

I went to the view menu...pressed select...and then the satellite button is on the view menu.
It works great for me.

On Fri, Mar 2, 2018 at 4:20 PM, AB9NN - Jon Kreski <jkreski@...> wrote:
I downloaded 64 bit version and installed.  Most SDR softwares I install in C:\_Files - it would not work there.  After chasing down potential culprits and reading and responding to forum posts on best practices I awoke early and decided to let it install itself wherever it wanted to go after removing two versions.  Worked like a charm on Windows 10 older PC.  Now my question - I see there is some satellite capability on the various web pages and I see in the file structure there is some reference to satellite data.  How do I get this all to work.  I couldn't see a download button or link for a satellite module and couldn't find a Sat menu link.  Am I missing something?  Is this because this is a newish test version?  I used two browsers to look for the download link.  Opera and MS Edge.  Looks like nice software!  Relatively intuitive after poking around a bit...  I am using a RTL-SDR with a TV beam antenna.

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