Re: V3 BETA and Mouse

Larry Ewan

I’m seeing the same thing with CloudIQ and NetSDR on two computers on build 1049. It behaves for me like the recent Perseus startup problem we had. Both appear to start and show in the status bar lower left but no waterfall or signal display. Very low cpu/gpu usage. I’ll try tomorrow to get screen shots and fill in some details. Also will find the logs. I changed nothing that I know of. Turned off firewalls with no change. Perseus, Elad and HF+ work fine.

Larry N9JY

On Feb 26, 2018, at 18:20, Simon Brown <> wrote:


What option(s) have you enabled that causes this, or what other programs
have you installed? You're the first to report this, there are plenty of
users, so it must be something you've done - I'm thinking some third-party

Any simple utilities installed? Screen grabbers? Anything?

Simon Brown, G4ELI

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I googled for any issue similar to this, I've found nothing.
I can confirm that I'm seeing this on several computers, different video
cards, different hardware.
73 de Max, N5NHJ (I8NHJ)

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