Re: Hello Server System Operators (SyOps), Lets get your servers working PLEASE! #sdrsharp #airspyhfplus #sdrplay



Don't know if you have changed your settings in the mean time but your account settings are not matching with each other in the Accounts and On Air tabs at the moment.

See this:

This is important: "When you get to the On Air tab, MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE SAME username and password from the guest account on the Accounts tab".

Another important thing to notice is that SDR Server's built-in Firewall shouldn't be enabled if siteop doesn't know how to use it. I think this could be the reason for some failing V3 remotes. See blacklist and whitelist logic here:

Additionally but not related to the connection problem, I see that you have defined only 50 kHz BW for Internet connections. I'd like to see FM broadcast capable receiver available and online from your location next summer but FM BC requires 200 kHz BW as minimum and this bandwidth contains just one station...

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