Re: Showing V3 Server Users

Kriss Kliegle KA1GJU

 Ron Liekens
10:27 am   

Same here Simon. No errors reported when logging the radio on the server and see on problems reported in the server list but friends who want to test cannot get acces. I did not use any login or password for the users.

73' Ron

Good evening Ron,and others,
If you want your server to be able to used by others, YOU NEED TO HAVE the default username and password filled out, and has to match what's in the list of accounts. So first, make an entry in the Accounts tab be sure to set the time out timer and interval in between sessions:

When you get to the On Air tab, MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE SAME username and password from the guest account on the Accounts tab, and click  on Show Uploads. Hint- Use your call sign under the Name and what SDR Radio it is. Otherwise one has to enlarge the server selection(see the PDF help file elsewhere on this forum) to see what the radio is. From common knowledge, we kind of know which radios are capable of which bands. If I want to listen on HF in the UK, I certainly don't want to click on a DVT Dongle connected to a UHF discone. Currently you have to scroll all the way over to the right when choosing a server to see if the SYSOP has put anything into the Username and Password, otherwise you will get an error message if they are blank. Which now 15 out of 40 servers are unusable, unless you pre-arrange a username and password with select users AND have an account entered to match. Here's the current list of servers which I sorted by password, so the first 15 are BLANK! See below:

Here's a screen shot of the On Air tab, when all entries are filled, make sure you save it!

Guest account with same username and password entered into the ON AIR tab:

73 Kriss KA1GJU

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