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Joe Puma



Sorry about that, I see that build does not have direct sampling support.


Check here:


download THIS


its just the rtl_tcp.exe extract it to where you put the whole build. Something like C:\rtl-sdr is a good place for it all.


Goto folder from command prompt and type:

rtl_tcp -a -p 1234 -D 2


with dongle attached the program should find it and load. Leave this window running and goto SDR Console V3.


If your install is not working from messing aroun, reinstall it.


Add a device like you did before but this time select RTL Dongle (TCP)


Then Press ‘ADD’ in the next window and it will show you settings to connect via tcpip. You can see the default IP settings match what we told rtl_tcp. is the IP address of your localhost (your computer) and port 1234 is default.


All you have to do is click the tuner you have on the dongle which is R820T. If you want to change the model info you can. Press OK when done until you are back to the select radio window. Press start on your newly added device and the magic should start.


If you need more help with rtl-sdr dongle a IRC group for #RTLSDR is on the Freenode servers. There are guys there that can help with all things RTL-SDR dongle.


Good Luck!







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I had SDR-Radio working until I tried to install rtl-sdr++ to enable Q-branch.  How do I install and enable rtl_tcp and make it work with my RTL-SDR V3 dongle?  I went to the site that Joe Puma recommended, downloaded and unzipped the file into my SDR-Radio directory.  I was unable to get it working.  Please detailed instructions on how to set it up.

For what it's worth HDSDR works perfectly with my dongle using direct sampling right out of the box, but I don't like the user interface.  I'd rather get SDR-Radio working.  Will there be a future release of SDR-Radio that has direct sampling working without the user having to go through all this trouble to set it up?

Mark WC5M


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