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Thanks Mats for the Infos! Very appreciated.
I knew about the controller in the battery, since Zenith Pentium2 black&white laptops years ago, hi ...
Anyway, many laptops I had these times ran without battery no problems; and some these times had a 12V NiCd battery so I used them no problem with the direct connection to a car battery.
But today the laptops are of course a lot much complex. I will try that old laptop, then see what will happen.
The pairing with an FT-817 seems me very actractive: a laptop running FT817 commander or even HRD and a small giant like the FT-817 may be very interesting, specially with digimodes or cw.
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Il 06/02/2018 20:18, Oidar ha scritto:


Many modern laptops "talks" with the PSU over the DC cable to adjust optimal performance and charging settings, depending on the capacity of the power brick. Also many laptop batteries contains a microcontroller that reports some data about status, capacity and often including serial number.

I have a not so fresh HP laptop that, after some upgrade simply refused to charge in the docking station, and i gave up after fiddling with it for some time.
The same power brick fitted directly in the computer works well.

SO, you may bump into unforeseen problems when trying an alternative powersupply or battery, in order to reduce the RFI.


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