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Augusto <hb9tza@...>

HI folks,
I was thinking to another solution: I have an old HP that has a power supply of 19V 3A and a battery of 11, 5 V (Li-Ion) so I was thinlking to eliminate the battery and build a 11,5V analogic supply with the needed Amperage.
My question, if anybody is able to answer: should I keep the other battery terminal
I could build also a resistor net to parse the power at the power supply pins; as there will be no power in the Power Input from AC power supply, I suppose it will not try to charge the battery.
I guess the PC internal switchers, having their correct 11,5 DC voltage, will do their job and the PC could be on duty without the need of switching AC inverter generators or switching power supplies, so reducing the RF noise, and being easy to supply the laptop PC from a car battery.
Or not? What do you mean? Any opinion on this matter welcome. Thanks. 

Il 06/02/2018 11:21, jj.dijkhuizen@... ha scritto:

Well, I learned my lesson.
Acer-Aspire will not run on a 12V battery.
A stabilizer 19.37 V/2 A is a no go also.
The adapter is reated 19V/4.47A !!!!
The power source must be a hard one with very low internal resistance..

Thats it.....



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