Re: Digital Master 780 - or any new options?

john rader


Have been using VAC for years with no hiccups, one very important item is the capabilities of the PC being used.Speed, memory, background apps running, all determine the response of your pc. And any of which can cause various problems to happen. Sounds like a background app is trying to use the same interrupt or system resources that your decoding software is using. On VAC I use 48000 sample rate, 16 bits, stereo, buffer ms=500, buffers=12, channels=2, normal priority. I use various receivers piped through VAC, and none looses sync, though it used to sometimes until I upgraded my PC, which I put together myself always and therefor have total control of it's capabilities and properties. Applications trying to use the same resources will cause buffer overruns and underruns, and if not enough system memory or,  hdd sharing if your memory is low and it shares the hdd as virtual memory. Just some things to consider as overruns and underruns can be caused by seemingly unrelated conditions.

John, kd8paf

On 1/30/2018 7:50 AM, Ron Liekens wrote:
I have been using VAC for many years and have alway had a problem with losing sync on decoding wefax images. Have registered versions so no demo comments are present. I also have tried another software that does the same thing and it was even worse at this. Seems to be a kind of buffer overrun, but all things I have ever tried to get over this problem never resulted in a good outcome.

73' Ron

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