Re: Trojan detected by Microsoft Security in SDR Radio setup

Augusto <hb9tza@...>

Is this fair from MS?
If it REALLY is a virus, OK; but not having paid a certificate make it really a virus?
Not having a certificate flag should only give the alert " Not certified" , not "probable virus" .
I guess it is as the first case, by MS , or what?
73 44 HNY de Augusto i2jjr

Il 26/12/2017 20:50, Jeffrey Gray ha scritto:

Win 10 requires a signed certificate to install without false virus flags. Microsoft will flag it if it doesn't have a signed certificate. 

On 12/26/2017 12:33 PM, Lawrence Macionski via Groups.Io wrote:
Got the same Trojan report last night downloading V3.. I gave up on V2.3 and V3 loaded on my W7 machine w/O TROJAN report, Joy running SDR-console V3 after no joy with V2.3 for 3 days.  But W10 machine -Defender reported the Trojan and I got on to report same...

I take it the Trojan report is fake news... Please Confirm....
Larry W8LM.

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