Re: SDR Console and PDW driving me bonkers

john rader


Squelch will not act fast enough and block the frame info at the beginning of the transmission, I do not enable any squelch and have no problems decoding. Also a strong signal is a must.

John, kd8paf

On 12/7/2017 3:26 AM, Gary Smith wrote:

Hi, i really like SDR Console, looks fantastic and very configurable! I run a laptop with PDW going 24\7. I am having so much hassle getting PDW working properly though, i hope someone can steer me on course. I have 3 VFO's running, 2 are Pocsag 512 Baud and the other is Flex 1600. i have FINALLY got pocsag to spit out some intelligence every now and then, which is a start, but Flex? forget it. I am located in Victoria, Australia. The band i am using is 148 - 149 MHz.  My settings are as follows - BOTH is NFM, BOTH Deviation is 25KHz (something i read on the net said +\- 4.5 KHz, not sure where they came up with that from!! RF gain for pocsag is 3.7db, RTL-SDR Bandwidth is 1Calibration has been set correctly, volume seems to be best at 50 or there abouts. FM squelch is on and transmissions are audible. I'm only decoding one VFO at a time. AGC is off, all other settings are default unless i have forgotten some. PDW is set to Soundcard, Custom, 44100, 1. cable out VB-Audio.

ANY help much appreciated before i give up.



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