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Robin Thompson

Re FM (Broadcast) well 15Khz is the upper audio limit (due to the 19Khz pilot tone filtering)


Due to channel spacing  (9Khz in Europe - 10Khz in US ?) 4.5/ 5Khz audio max.

But on SW where channel spacing is less , the same max audio frequency still tends to be applied, interference being minimised by not using the channel next to another strong signal !


DAB uses 48 or 24Khz sampling and so can in theory carry up to 22Khz or 11Khz


I can find out about DRM – but not too sure at present






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What's the maximum audio frequency in AM transmissions?


What's the maximum audio frequency in FM transmissions?


Simon Brown, HB9DRV


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open the bandwidth for AM....


Have the Frequency Spectrum Display in sync with the audio, it is delayed about a second from what comes out the speaker.




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Hi All,


For a major user of SDR radios I have added advanced scheduled recordings to the console.


What have I forgotten? What do you need - professional and / or amateur users?


Simon Brown, HB9DRV



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