Cloud IQ with latest V3


I am trying to set-up an ACER laptop w Windows 7, 64. The specs seem OK
I already have a Windows 7 machine running V2 and Windows 10 running laptop on the previous version of V3.

With the newest V3 on the ACER, I was unable to "detect" the Cloud IQ via search function, so I went to configure this manually. I noticed there was an option for "Cloud IQ "in the radio setup function. So I tried to attach my Cloud-IQ, but eventually got the message that it had to be defined as either NetSDR or SDR-IP.

I cannot get the program to start the Cloud IQ as I get a time out (5-seconds). And that using either NetSDR or SDR-IP which are the only options I see.

Has anyone "been there, done that"?

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