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Hi Simon,
I rolled the driver back to 385.69 and cured the problem.  I wonder what software they test their new driver updates on?  Maybe they should start using ham radio programs.
73, George

On 11/8/2017 2:34 PM, Simon Brown wrote:



A common problem, fortunately there’s an answer in this group 😊


I have tracked it down to the latest Nvidia graphics driver (Version 388.00 20171023)


By switching on the extreme gaming features (this presumably stops the driver from additional rendering or adding “smartness”) I return to normal and expected behaviour.

You have to select this option at driver installation by ticking a box to enable it


The issue has been raised with Nvidia.


I can go back listening to man-made noise across the VHF and UHF again punctuated by noises from some odd satellites.


Nick g4ogi/dl4ogi


Simon Brown, G4ELI



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Why does my V3 console open with microphone icons in modes and filters?  Thanks
73, George

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