Re: Center signal. With no antenna sig it's there and with antenna it's modulated

Brendan Wahl

Hi Kees!

First, I didn't mean to imply the RSP2 Pro is not equal to a FiFi. The two radios are simply very different and have different purposes in my view. With the wideband capabilities of an RSP2, I can listen (and look) at many more signals than I can with the FiFi. The wideband waterfall and spectrum of an RSP2 outweigh the bandwidth limitations of a FiFi, and I can instantly click on a new signal if I want to. With it's much narrower bandwidth, FiFi just can't and won't respond in the same way.

The other night I was listening to the 31m band and I found a station that I could copy on the FiFi that the RSP2 couldn't. Same antenna (dipole), so it wasn't that. Signal strength on the FiFi was higher, and so was the intelligibility of the signal. However, many times the RSP shows me signals the Fifi doesn't, and thus is superior in my opinion. I'm not selling my Fifi, just using it quite a bit less and then for single frequency needs only. Radio life is more fun with an RSP!

I don't have any test instruments so my impressions are my own and not technically based.

The common element here in my example above was that I was using V3, 1 November kit, so the software, the filters, and the antenna were identical but the results different.

I'm just an HF nut for the last 45 years or so, and I haven't even begun to compare any of my SDR's to my ham gear yet, as most of my ham gear has been storage for some time. I suspect the SDR's will compare well with my older transceivers.


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