Re: Build 940 won't start

Dick Grote

I moved back to 940 from 845 and things ran fine again for about 4 days and then V3 hung up again.  As I said earlier, I leave it running most of the day.  I came back to it after several hour absence and it was no longer responsive.  When restarted, the "select radio" window comes up (first attached JPG).  After selecting the radio, the V3 appears normal (second JPG) except that there is no waveform on the display.  Finally, clicking on anything generates the Windows' wait circle and after a few seconds the screen goes gray (third JPG).

I've tried resetting console and deleting registry and user files again and also running as administrator with no success.  So far I've been able to shut down V3 without having to restore to restarting Windows, but it can take several minutes for Windows to get around to closing the program.

Configuration here is Win7, 64 bit, SDRPlay1.  Same result with and without external radio enabled.

Dick K6PBF

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