Start Failures

Graham Coleman

I have been running V3 for some time RSP1 & dongles and it works well on my main machine (P4 GTX960) and old laptop (I5, no Cuda) but on my I7 laptop with GTX965 the program will not start. For reference HDSDR and SDRUNO both work.  On the seventh preview and previous, I get the green bug display and a message of:

SDR Console.exe caused ACCESS_VIOLATION in module "C:\Program Files\ (V3)\SDR Console.exe" at 0033:0000000094190EC7, l9_ippsLog10_32f_A24()+877351 byte(s).

I have the dumped zip file (205MB) should I attach it to a post?

For reference, I have removed and re-installed and followed the reset instructions to no avail.  It has been like this for some time but it was not my main machine and I could live without it most of the time but, in theory, this should be my best platform, especially now I would like to get my limesdr running and this is the only machine with enough USB 3 ports.

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