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Augusto <hb9tza@...>

Thanks Simon G4ELI: issue resolved.
I have used the Tools and repaired all the Redistributables; reinstalled with the file
    SDR-Radio V3, 64-bit, 2017-06-16_2123.exe
The installed v811 runs perfectly and the radio are OK at autostart.
Tomorrow on the morning I'll try to download the last version and install it.
GN dear Friend, TU es 73,
                                                 Augusto I2JJR / HB9TZA 

Il 23/10/2017 22:19, Simon Brown ha scritto:



I have no idea what has happened here. Please install the correct kit - 32-bit or 64-bit.


Also, see C++ Redistributables on .


Simon Brown, G4ELI



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Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] Preview 7 is Available



I lost my old version, that was OK ; the new will not run: no radios found!

I disinstalòled it all, and then reinstalled it: now it want to reinstall a Visual C++ redistributable that's already there, and stops.Microsoft site seems to have that anymore ...

Now I have no SDR 3 installed at all ... Amen.

Will try again tomorrow, maybe.

GN, Augusto HB9TZA

Il 23/10/2017 19:27, Ray Lyford ha scritto:


940 is today's buiild i think..





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Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] Preview 7 is Available


I tried to download the 64b /Ms version; does not run.

Downloaded and tried the 32 , installs OK, and runs a version 3 build 811 on an I5-6600 SSD Desktop with NVIDIA GTX1050 and 2 monitors; OS Windows 10pro,64 ; v.14393 .

Is the v3 build 811 the last one, freshly released?


                     Augusto HB9TZA


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