general performance question with Cuda support-

Charly DF5VAE


Not really familiar with internal software aspects, I made good progress using SDR Console V3.with an SDRPlay.
Performance seems even better on 6m than my Icom 7300, and I use the combination for FSK/MSK on 2-70 and 23 tracking my Trx.

Last week I replaced the original I3 CPU and added a (passive) GT710 card with CUDA support - since CPU/GPU load is very low.
I consider to add a third monitor to the PC so following my question:

In order to obtain the best use of the implemented CUDA support do I need to run SDRconsole V3 on a monitor connected to the Nvidia GT710 card, or is irrelevant. Both the internal on board Grafik (I7-2600) and the GT710 (1GB Ram) do support 2 monitors -

Charly, DF5VAE

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