Re: SDRsharp ADS B

Joe Puma

Hey Derek,

This group is for SDR Console, not SDR Sharp. Although some might be familiar here with SDR# this isn't a support group for that program as far as I know. I am not sure if SDR# has an email group but I hang out in a IRC channel on freenode called ##rtlsdr.  The owner and creator of the program, prog hangs out there. There is also a bunch of helpful folks in that group as well. You might want to try there. 


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On Oct 9, 2017, at 4:48 AM, derekhenderson1953@... wrote:

Hi to All Just new to SDR sharp I have SDRsharp up and running via NSDR smart
dongle I also have Virtual Radar installed Within the SDR# download there is the 
SDR# ADS B app Question ! How do I get this up and running and interfaced 
with the Virtual Radar app to show aircraft on the screen 

Any help appreciated  DerekHenderson 

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