Re: Recommend Linux s/w for receiver

Leif Asbrink

Hi Doug,

You might try Linrad. I do not have "Very Wide SDR Receiver."
but I think is is similar to DX Patrol.

The install under Linux is simple, it may look complicated
at first, but you do not have to install all the libraries
needed to support hardware you will not use. Some general
information is avaiable here:

There are several videos here:

Just download and place the source package in a directory of
your choice. Then run ./configure and follow instructions on
screen. Instructions are about installing packages so it is
practical to run as root.



Hi, everybody--

I hope this is a good channel to ask the following question:

I am new to SDR radios and you can assume I know nothing about the
hardware that is out there, except that some of it is quite expensive.

A month or two ago I purchased a gadget called "Very Wide SDR Receiver."
It claims to work from 100KHz to 1.7GHz. It contains an SDR2832,

an SDR RTL2832Unit, and also, for HF, an LP filter, a mixer, a BPF, and
a switch to feed the output of the upconverter into the 2832 unit.

Two inputs--each one to the SPDT switch. Output is a micro USB female
connector, which came with a short cable to a standard USB

computer jack.

I'm going to build a one meter ring antenna out of copper tubing for
VLF, LF and MF reception.

I may build or buy a preamp, if I find it is desirable.

The question: I really do not want to get involved with any version of
Windows. What Linux choices do I have, and which are the easiest

to implement. (I am not a programmer. I am not afraid of the command
line, but I don't write scripts.) My choice of Linux software is

primarily PCLinuxOS (an RPM distro) or MINT 17 LTS (a deb distro). I
will run either one on a laptop at 64 Bits.

There you have it. What do you folks have for me?

--doug, WA2SAY

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