PennyWhistle Kit

Rob Ram

Looking for advise.
Has anyone built the PennyWhistle Kit. This is a low power 16 to 20 Watt
amplifier. The output stage is a single stage amplifier that uses a pair
of TO-220 "16 Watt" Mitsubishi RD16HHF1 parts in push pull and has
approximately 19 dB gain, depending where you bias it, so it will
deliver 16 to 20 watts output with 1/4 watt drive.

1. Any trouble with thermal or excessive heating.
2. Unwanted emissions.
3. Drive problems.
4. Low pass filter issues. I want to use my own lpf rather than the one
designed for the PennyWhistle amplifier. I do not need the rx bpf, my
direct sampling sdr radio provides very high dynamic range with its 16
bit adc. Only problem is the tx out is 0 dbm, need 24 db more gain
before the PennyWhistle.
Any suggestions welcome.
Robert WA2ELZ

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