Re: SDR-Console – v3.0 preview 6, cannot edit "Favorites" data


Hi RB.
Sorry for the somehow "round about" answer. As a member of the test team I love to mess around with the Console to better understand what works and what does not :-)
Amazing what you can learn from it. The straight forward procedure for changing the frequency of the favourite is:
1: Change the frequency
2: Change whatever needed settings
3: Click Update
In the Organise you may change the name of the favourite if needed.
If needed you may also add one or more receivers for the favourite from Receive/Add
Beware: The add button in Favourites are for adding a new Favourite.
The yellow star is just indicating a favourite.
A link for the V3 build 845 may be found in a posting from Simon on date july 20. 2017 in this group.
If you like to play with these things without messing up your previous definitions you can do this in an unused Identity. There are 10 of those available.
Good Luck
LB6YD Gaute

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