Re: SDR-Console – v3.0 preview 6, cannot edit "Favorites" data


Hi GL,

I have build 811 so frequency editing must
not be implemented yet.

Thanks, I am thinking about your answer.
sounds a bit round about but whatever works.

So first create a new file for a new SDR hardware

What I did:
I just clicked the Favorites tab then "Organize".
That produces a frequency list.
Highlight a frequency, say 40m then click the
"Edit" button.
A new window opens but any editing I perform does not stick.

I assume the yellow stars in the various menu items are default values?


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Hi rbuck. Please attach a screenshot of where you edit the frequency for the Favourite.
That is not possible in my version of V3, Jul 20 2017 build 845.
I have to add a receiver with the new frequency for the Favourite, then untick the previous receiver/frequency before clicking OK in the Organiser.
......or safer to avoid getting a "improper argument..." message, create a new favourite for the new frequency and delete the old one if not needed :-)
LB6YD Gaute

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