Medium Wave Band in Europe (a bit OT)

Nils Schiffhauer

Hi - as we had some discussion about the dynamic range of SDRs and the situation on medium in Europe:

In Germany, medium wave is completely dead, and it is fading in most other European countries with still good activity from e.g. the UK, Spain, Romania ...
This situation leaves welcomed room for DX on channels which had been occupied by strong Europeans in the past.

You may find some 25 recent and mostly DX logs with audio clips on

Even with 16 bit SDRs (no, I didn't tried AirSpy HF+ yet!), you will now experience some spillover from strong shortwave transmitters - being Radio Romania in my case - in the hours of dusk. I hope, a lowpass filter will cure that. Or HF+ ...

BTW: V3's "Signal History" already is a big help in nailing peak signal times.


73 Nils,

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