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J Cullen

Thanks for answering all my questions simon.. Im a huge fan already

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Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] New user questions



  • You can’t move the filters walls as requested in AM / FM modes.
  • You can’t export Favourites from V3 to V2.
  • I will be starting the server in two weeks.
  • I will add memories for 3.0.
  • Digital decoding in planned for 3.1.
  • Frequency database is planned for 3.1.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Subject: [SDR-Radio] New user questions


Hi Im new to the world of SDR, tho a long time radio amateur. Its a whole new world and i can see some of my receivers going on ebay soon
I have sdrplay rsp1.
 Have tried the "big 4" apps
Uno, i couldnt get anything out
HDSDR, works really well and is probably the simplest but lacks some features.
and the two versions of console. v3 is by far my favorite.

I have a few questions about console
Is it possible to independently move the filter walls.
TO explain if im listening onn 9500 sam and there is a strong signal bleeding in from just below I want to make the lower passband narrower but not the higher. move one wall not two.. I Can see utwente and kiwi web sdrs can do it. This might be user error

I set up a whole lot of favourites on v3 and set up a whole lo of customisations. Can these be exported and imported to v2? seems the xml format is quite different.

i know v3 is still in Pre beta  form but will it have client server, memories, digital decodes and frequency database look up functions any time soon? client server is most important as I have the sdr on a remote PC in garage and i drive it from my laptop via rdp. Works well. I use v2 remote when i want to do digital stuff, but i find v2 unfriendly and prone to hanging.

I know i will have 10000 questions in the coming days

73 de jem

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