Re: SDR Console will not start

Allan Isaacs


There are lots of errors that can result in that message so you’ll need to find more about what’s happening.

Try disabling your anti-virus then try opening the console.

For example, my Windows 10 machine with Vipre sometimes messes up graphics.

If that doesn’t fix your problem you could look at the Windows logs and see what excuse is given under either System or Applications Logs. Look for any critical errors.. red blob with exclamation mark or a white cross.

To see these right click “my pc” or whatever name its given and select “Manage”, System Tools, Event Manager… any problems will show up as a red blob in one of the Windows Logs headings.

Ideally you shouldn’t see any red warnings but if you do see one something is amiss.

Allan G3PIY

From: [] On Behalf Of Andrew Barron ZL3DW
Sent: 11 September 2017 08:43
Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] SDR Console will not start


Yes I scanned both drives with CHKDSK - no problems found. Thanks for your assistance I know you have better things to do. 

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