Re: World Band HF+ Rumours

Paul Goelz

At 07:34 PM 9/10/2017, you wrote:
You might want to look into the Yaesu 991A. It's a jewel of a radio--my friend W2BOB has one, and it's a wonder! And it has the spectrum analyzer and "waterfall" display, so it probably has the sdr circuitry inside, along with all the good stuff that a superhet has. It's a 100W radio on everything up to 432, except 222 or whatever it is now, so it is not, strictly speaking, a battery radio, but it could be a battery receiver, and with a car battery, it should work for a couple of hours on cw or ssb transmit. He told me he bought the radio somewhere in Utah or Nevada for a couple hundred less
than Amazon.
I've been following that radio since it was announced. WAY too power hungry. And more hardware / software problems than I have ever seen in any other radio.

I'm looking for just a receiver, too. Don't need the transmit, although a KX3 type SDR with integral waterfall would be nice.


Paul Goelz
Rochester Hills, MI

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