Re: No audio Console V3 and SDRPlay2

Cormac, EI4HQ


I've spent a bit of time this week trying to understand what may be happening. Here's what I've observed:
  • This is not an issue with audio decoding as such; the symptom is that the RF frequency displayed and the frequency that's actually being demodulated, are on occasion falling out of kilter.
  • Let me give one example I experienced a number of times; the local airport ATIS transmits continuously on 120.925MHz (AM). I tune to 120.925MHz, AM, 6KHz filter. On the RF spectrum display, the AM signal is clearly visible on the RF spectrum display at a frequency of 120.925MHz. However, no voice is audible, only static. On the audio spectrum display no modulation is apparent.
  • By accident I found out that by clicking, in this case below the actual frequency and thereby changing the RF frequency by -12KHz  to 120.912.5MHz, suddenly there's the ATIS audio, loud and clear
  • v3 build 845 is sometimes getting into a situation where it is decoding an RF frequency when it is displaying another e.g. decoding the AM transmission on 120.925MHz while displaying an RF frequency of 120.912.5MHz. On 120.912.5MHz no RF signal is visible on the spectrum display on that frequency but the audio of what is actually on frequency 120.925MHz comes through, the AM RF signal carrying that audio is visible on the correct frequency of 120.925MHz but if I tune to that frequency, no audio comes through
  • What was happening with the satellite decodes was the RF display was showing the correct frequency (complete with updating doppler correction) but the audio was clearly "off frequency" and so the received audio was distorted and this was resulting in poor quality decodes
  • On Thursday, I did a complete uninstall of SDR Console and a clean install of build 845. This seems to have significantly reduced the frequency of occurrences but I'm not entirely convinced just yet that its done away with it; I've had something happen once since that might be the same issue again. The frustrating thing is, even before I did the complete reinstall I hadn't found a reproducible set of actions that cause this to happen (I know Simon, that's singularly unhelpful). I continue to try however and am otherwise keeping a close eye out for any further occurrence. If I do experience the issue again, I'll report further and will include screen grabs, log files etc.
  • The only additional bit of info I can offer at this point is the "cure" that works every time is to kill the affected receiver instance and create a new instance.


Cormac, EI4HQ
[Cork Harbour, IO51uu / UTC+1] NNNN++++

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