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john rader

My apology's for not including my call sign,  as far as individual integrity is concerned, that was used trying to express the individual's decision to either support the original author or to support a knock-off from an unreliable source. You can use your own interpretation as you wish, and that idea was also brought up by others, thus my reply.

John, kd8paf

On 8/27/2017 10:14 AM, w7aqk wrote:
John and all,

First, I'm always a bit irked when messages contain no real identification, like a call sign, so we at least know approximately who and where you are.

Secondly, I don't know how "individual ham integrity" became an issue in this thread.  If I followed it correctly, I think it was simply some people noting that there seem to be very high "mark ups" on imported ham gear sold by dealers.  Well, there certainly is a rational reason for marking things up, but I don't see why it is wrong to question the amount.  Besides, hams seem to always be looking for "a better deal".  The problem is,properly analyzing just what is a better deal!  If a dealer provides significant additional value, such as a guarantee of some sort, then perhaps things are different.

It doesn't seem to be any secret that, in the U.K., a couple of larger dealers have pretty much squeezed out the smaller ones. This may be due to efficiency, but it does limit competition, and pave the way for higher prices.  Something similar seems to be the case here in the U.S., but not nearly as significant.

Still, I continue to be confused as to the justification for some prices I see from U.K. dealers vs. those in the U.S.  Presumably they are getting their product from the same primary source.  Your VAT doesn't justify the disparity.  Rightly or wrongly, I conclude that it is the limited competition that causes this.

Ordering something directly from China, or some other foreign source, can be something of a "crapshoot".  You may not have much, if any, recourse if there is some defect in the product.  However, there are lots of very good products coming out of these foreign places, so the risk may be less than one might imagine.  Actually, I have had pretty decent luck doing this, but admittedly, I've never purchased something as significant as a sophisticated transceiver in that manner.  I've even acquired a "clunker" or two, and they were replaced by the seller without a lot of hassle.  Perhaps I was just lucky.

In any event, I'm not suggesting that the U.K. prices quoted for this transceiver are definitely excessive, but I can certainly understand why some might question them.  While the mark up here may be "reasonable", there seem to be plenty of other examples that don't seem so reasonable.  So, it's not hard to understand why it causes some people to be a bit cynical in general.  When the rationale is so obtuse, it's not hard to be that way.

Dave W7AQK

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