Re: RS-918SSB - SDR Transceiver

Rob Ram

Hi Dave,

Theoretically, I support your idea. However this is the internet where
what you and say is open to criticism from all sorts of wackos and ID
theft. I do not trust the internet, do not trust Google, my internet
service supplier ...etc. 

I was first licensed in 1959 as a novice, up graded to technician class
in the late 60's and finally to extra class, at the FCC office in
Manhattan, about 1995. Regardless, I will keep my callsign private when
using the internet.

73's Robert

On 8/27/2017 10:14 AM, w7aqk wrote:Hi Dave

First, I'm always a bit irked when messages contain no real
identification, like a call sign, so we at least know approximately
who and where you are.

Dave W7AQK

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