Re: No audio Console V3 and SDRPlay2

Cormac, EI4HQ


Nice to meet you. Using WxToImg to decode. I've checked all potential sources of distortion in the SDR Console v3 audio path and can't find any i.e. noise reduction, squelch etc. I'm using Virtual Audio Cable to patch the audio to WxtoImg (as I am in my Windows 7 setup) and I've run every check I can think of on that particular aspect - it's working fine with everything else. The issue is the audio contains no modulation at point of departure from SDR Console v3...

I've no issues with the other APT decode setup here (the one running on Windows 7) and everything in SDR Console v3 and WxToImg is set up the same on Windows 10 as it is on that working Win7 installation. Something weird is going on during the signal decode in SDR Console v3 with the RSP1 on the Windows 10 box... what's messing up the DSP chain? That's the question...

Cormac, EI4HQ

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