Re: No audio Console V3 and SDRPlay2

Cormac, EI4HQ

Jim et al,

I've had a similar experience today and came onto the group to seek help - the first message I fell over was yours Jim. Just this morning I installed SDR console V3 build 811 (64 bit) on a new Windows 10 machine. I've been using an SDRPlay RSP1.

With this new setup, I'm getting clear audio decode for broadcast FM stations i.e. when RF signals are strong but I've being going nuts all day trying to get audio for the NOAA APT satellites (circa 137MHz, WFM, 40KHz filter). The satellite RF signals are as per usual quite solid (I've an external QFH antenna as I regularly pull down pictures from the NOAA birds) but not anywhere near as strong as the BFM stations of course. However, no usable decoded audio was coming through for the satellites. Eventually, I figured out that the issue appears to be something to do with audio levels; NOAA 15 has just made quite a high pass here (the first decently high satellite pass since I noticed this problem) and audio did finally come through on that pass, however only toward the top of the pass i.e. when the signal was at its very strongest... That said, the audio didn't sound right - it was both scratchy and distorted (clipping).

Throughout the day I've tried changing frequency, filters, mode etc, in SDR console and, in desperation I've also tried fiddling with every audio setting I can find in Windows but to no avail. Only a very strong RF signals seems to result in audio from the setup I've outlined above. For all but the strongest signals, the received audio spectrum in SDR console is showing no audio wave form present (just static noise) though the IF spectrum is showing the RF signal as normal...

I rebooted the machine just now, and having restarted SDR console I'm getting "some" audio on the satellite signals but it's not at all right - the audio is still distorted and nothing like as strong as it should be. I've also noticed that on the RF spectrum display, a "hole" is appearing just off the centre frequency (it's appeared both to the left and to the right of fc at different times). I can make the "hole" disappear for a while by changing the LO mode but then after 30-60s it returns... I can't even begin to speculate about what, but something ain't right with the DSP chain and the RSP1 in the particular setup I've on the go ...

Finally, I've been using a Windows 7/64 bit machine with SDR Console v3, also build 811 and the same RSP1 for the sat decoding before today. For old rope, at the start of the above mentioned NOAA 15 pass, I reconnected the RSP1 to that Win7 PC, fired up SDR Console (also build 811) and the audio came thumping through even as the satellite was just peaking above the horizon... Differences; PC hardware, Windows 10...

Cormac, EI4HQ
[Cobh, Cork Harbour, IO51uu / UTC+1] NNNN++++

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