Re: RS-918SSB - SDR Transceiver

john rader

I don't normally respond to discussions like this, but, in the end it boils down to the integrity of each individual ham. And is a decision they will have to make and live with. Personally, I do not purchase any knock-offs made of open source designs regardless of cost, as the plans for construction, and even help in most cases, is freely available. Also I firmly believe in supporting fellow hams in their endeavors. I purchased all 4 of my mchf's from Chris Monka.


On 8/26/2017 1:30 PM, Augusto Battistoni wrote:
The only thing would be that we, non chinese hams, do not buy such products .
But as usual money is money and bizness is bizness ...
I'm sorry for the developers, and hope ham community may regards them as they deserve; and the same for these that have stolen a design.
Open source should be intende to give something free to our community, not to ease and increase profit oif pirates, right?
73 es 51 , August
PS The same happened to me, in Italy, many years ago: a so-called ham copied a free paper of mines and published it (paid) with his name as author, no care to change the callsigns in the examples nor the typing errors, HI!!! Asi va el mundo, como escribio' Rafael Martinez (sk) en los '50 ...

Il 26/08/2017 18:02, Cecil Bayona ha scritto:
That is what Open Source is all about, if they did not want others to copy the design then it should not have been Open Source, you can't have it both ways.

That said even if it were proprietary the Chinese would have ripped off the design, they have no qualms or morals that would stop them, suing them would be difficult at best.

On 8/26/2017 2:27 AM, applewiz2000 wrote:
It's the mcHF project.

The Chinese made a metal case that looks like an Elecraft KX3. As you can imagine, the open source people who laboured long and hard on the mcHF are not impressed at being ripped off !

73s, Rob

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