Re: Solar Eclipse and Weather Sats


That is great Bob. Years ago when I was doing this there were several weather sats, both American and Russian.  Now there are only a few running and all of the Russian ones are dead.  If you didn't have a radio like the ICOM, you had to build a crystal controlled radio to receive the sats and feed the sound to your computer.  Then they changed the frequencies and you had to try to find correct crystals.  I wished I had a dongle then.

Back in the late 90s you were also able to receive Geo Stationary Weather Sat signals.  I built a 1.5 meter dish in my back yard (yes you can use a surplus old-school sat TV dish instead but I wanted to see if I could do it) and put a coffee can at the point of the signal with a small antenna inside of it.  My ICOM radio was able to clearly hear the signal at 1,692 ghz.  Now the dongles we have today will be more sensitive and would work better. 

Here is a link to a photo of the eclipse of 2006 over Africa taken from a Geo Stationary sat:

2006 eclipse shadow over Africa

Here is some additional info for anyone who has the time to try the Geo stationary sats

Receiving full disk images of the Earth

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