Re: Sharing Favorites Over Several PCs

David J Taylor

If this is even possible, I'd love directions.
I have Version 3, Build 811 installed on several PCs around the house; two Windows 10 desktops, one Windows 10 laptop and a Windows 7 laptop.
I would love to sync my favorites among all of them. If I add a favorite while listening in the kitchen, I would like it to be available to me when I use a laptop in the bedroom.
Is it possible to keep a central favorites file and share it on the network? I use an Afedri SDR-Net with SDR Console over LAN, so I like to move around.



I've not been able to check this, but having just a central file accessible by all PCs? Failing that, if software doesn't allow you to specify a central location perhaps....

1 - you could use DropBox (or Google Drive, or One Drive?) to share a file across several PCs.

2 - you could wrap the invocation of the software in a script which copied the files from the central location to the local disk at the start, and back again at the end.

Let's hope (1) and (2) aren't needed.

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