Re: Sharing Favorites Over Several PCs

John Barnett

Google xmarks this will do what you need. Be sure to turn off any synchronization in your browsers as this will confuse Xmarks, depending on your browser you will need to download extensions from the browsers extension store.

John Barnett

York North Yorkshire Locator IO93lw

On 12 August 2017 at 21:20, Dominic Dambro <dominic1967@...> wrote:
If this is even possible, I'd love directions.
I have Version 3, Build 811 installed on several PCs around the house; two Windows 10 desktops, one Windows 10 laptop and a Windows 7 laptop.
I would love to sync my favorites among all of them. If I add a favorite while listening in the kitchen, I would like it to be available to me when I use a laptop in the bedroom.
Is it possible to keep a central favorites file and share it on the network? I use an Afedri SDR-Net with SDR Console over LAN, so I like to move around.


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