Using IF output from K3 Rig - Ver 2.3 versus Ver 3 July 18, 2017 Preview

Chris Bradford <chrisnj5n@...>

I have been using Ver 2.3-Build 2760 with my SDRPlay 1 and the IF output from my K3 (8,215,000) and OmniRig with good results. When I use VER 3 July 18, 2017 Preview it works, however the tuning is not the same. As an example if use the zoom feature (which is really nice having it on the screen)  zooms but if I move the VFO after that everything goes back to a +- 100KHZ loosing the zoom in or out. Also as I use VER 3 the base frequency (the frequency displayed)  moves to the nearest 100KHZ versus anything in the middle.

Is this part of Ver 3 still being developed or am I missing some setting?

Another odd thing I have noticed is that if move my VFO B for like a split operation Ver 3 tracks the VFO B, I do not have a Sub Recv installed in my K3.

Thank You & 73,

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