v3 Preview - June Audio recording, not recording the expected frequency

Thom - W8TAM


Using the June 16th preview, build 811, 64bit on Windows 10, using a SDRPlay RSP2 Pro.

I did a complete reset, deleted all of the registry keys & user files, and still have this same trouble.

When I select a frequency, and record, recording seems to happen from the center of the waterfall.

I do not get the audio from my tuned frequency in the recording, and the filename indicates that the recording is from the middle frequency in the waterfall, not the RX frequency.

Example: Tuned to 7.165.000, record filename is "11-Aug-2017 133848.398 7.100MHz 000.wav"

Am I doing something wrong, or have I identified a bug?

Thanks Simon for such a wonderful application.


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