Re: Solar Eclipse and Weather Sats

Joe Puma

Very interesting idea. Its probably NOAA satellites I have a set up that I can receive them pretty well. I'll have to check all of the trying to see if there will be any in my area during the eclipse.  


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On Aug 11, 2017, at 10:44 AM, dwight_talley <dwight_talley@...> wrote:

I lived in Stuttgart Germany during the Solar Eclipse of Aug 11, 1999.  Tour companies brought people from all over Europe to see this event. (charged them a lot of money also).  But being it was a typical day there, clouds covered the event and only cleared afterwards.  By chance a weather sat was overhead at the same time and I was able to watch the shadow of the eclipse move across the landscape and clouds.  I cant remember if it was a Russian weather sat or an American one but they operated in the 137 mhz range. 

Might be a good project to try to see what you can receive of the event using the different SDR software programs that are available.


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