Inquiry from beginner about SDR


Dear Friends,

Good day,

In the beginning I would like to thank you all about this great group which provide a good information.
I'm beginner user of SDR, I have (NooElec NESDR SMArt Bundle) 

I'm using as software SDRSharp,

I can listen to VHF without any problem, but when I want to listen to HF I can not catch any signal.
I'm using below setting

When I use this setting the screen look like there is many signals but there is no any real signal from armature radio . as below.

I'm using comet gp-9 antenna.

My questions is
1-how can I use my SDR to listen to HF armature radio ?
2- How to findout the correct shift number which I should set ?

What antenna should I use if my antenna not good for SDR ?

My location is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
And sorry for my English language is not good .

Thanks for your help

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