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Why drive a 2CV  when a Ferrari is available for just a small donation?

You could take the time to work out the answer and post it back here to help others in the group.



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Because I have no answer on my problem I'll stop my test with sdr Console, I come back to HDSDR

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Le 26 juil. 2017 à 15:17 +0200, Mark Manucy w4fje@... [sdr-radio-com] , a écrit :

When I first bought my SDR it worked with both desk top and laptop
w/V2.3. With V3 I'm having trouble with the laptop. It sees the SDR but
won't display and gives: error connecting to USB:50000. (no such host
The program recognizes the SDR... is there. But won't install.
The main computer is an ASUS and the laptop is a HP.
I'm going to St. Joseph, Mo. to view the eclipse and want to take my SDR
to view the spectrum. Any suggestions?
Also, when trying to load V3 there were so many "pop-ups" saying I need
this and that to add to the computer I had serious issues load V3.
Where is that coming from (Google)?
Mark, W4FJE.

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