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Yes, I mean USB control of the Si570, it works until I open the image rejection panel and then is lost.
Perhaps you should leave that until others comment, I do lose this control occasionally with other software but it seems to go every time I close the SDR-Console image reject panel.

The actual image rejection seems to work well. The automatic in Rocky is excellent!

Thanks 73 Alan G4ZFQ

I am surprised that you lose USB control - I assume this is the Si570 chip?
I can test this myself, let me know if this is what you mean by USB control

There's some excellent theory in Rocky which I must implement.

Simon Brown, HB9DRV

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I'm not sure how far you are with this. I've only just put v 277 on.

I find that image settings do not get stored.
After bringing up the image adjustment I lose USB control and have to

I presume these settings will also be relevant to the Server? I've been
running it for quite a while, showing Softrocks in a bad light, only the
basic hardware rejection.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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