Re: SDR Console V3 recieving Noaa transmittons

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You have to turn on the tracker and add sara that you want to track to that list.  Then you can see them show up on the right side and it will tell you when the sat is AOS. It works for me but it's not perfect and sometimes the program forgets to start tracking the next satellite and change frequency in the SDR Console. Simon did mention however that this is a work in progress and when he gets some time he will work on the satellite tracker some more. 

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Is there any way to set up auto switching the satellites for unattended mode ie I use WXtolmg to decode NOAA's but I have to remember to change frequency to the next sat I would like the next pass to be picked up without my intervention. Is this possible now or is it something that could be implemented in the future I have the above running 24/7 and in the last month had no problems.

I run SDR Play 2 along with SDR Console V3 into a home made QFH antenna at 3 Meters above ground level and pickup signal from 3 deg and loss at about 3 deg.


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