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I installed Sigmira a couple days ago and found there is no support for using an up-converter with rtl-sdr.  It doesn't make sense.  That leaves out tuning below 25 MHz. so I thought I will just use VB-Cable that I already have on the pc and pipe the audio to Sigmira from SDR# or Console.  Couldn't get it to work and now VB-Cable doesn't want to work with Fldigi anymore.  I wanted to restore my system to get back to where my VB-Cable was working before Sigmira was installed and messed things up but Microsoft killed that idea because of the critical update that occurred around the 2/22 and all previous restore points were deleted.  Just my luck!

I will try to remember to do a restore before I install something new.

73, Dale WB8CJW

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Thanks guys I made my first decode today with Sorcerer, I was able to pipe the audio from SDR Console pretty easily. Sigmira looks cool but I have to try it on a pc that has an S DR directly attached. I have a little SDR RPi farm and I connect to them via tcpip. t





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I use SIGMIRA. It decodes very well, but it does not decrypts.  For that use your checkboard an a lot of ingenuity. :-D

73 de Ignacio, EB4APL


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What program can I use to decode STANAG?


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I can not see the exact frequency in the screenshot, but I think that it is FUG8, La Regine on 8453.0 KHz . It is a French Naval station that transmit STANAG 4285 and it is one of the few that transmits unencrypted channel fillers.

73 de Ignacio, EB4APL


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Anyone know what these little guys are


Small 2.8khz signals. Screenshot attached









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