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Hi Jim,

I use an E4000 dongle and a R820T2.  The R820T2 doesn't display a spike but the older E4000 does and SDR-Console effectively suppresses it or moves it out of view.  My question is have you played with the Balance and Phase sliders in the IQ Options?  Maybe that is not an option for HackRF.  Your interference sorta looks to me like a vestigial sideband television signal but I don't know why it appears at the intermediate frequency (2.5 GHZ?)  Seems that a change of the IF would be necessary to shift the spikes away from the desired frequency.  That may be a part of the HackRF firmware but the question would be does the user have access to making changes the frequency?

Dale, WB8CJW

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Some radios do present this sort of ‘noise’ – if there’s a single spike then it’s DC-related, this I do think comes from the HackRF. Remember the HackRF is a relatively low-spec device f I remember correctly, I think it’s only 8 bits. I’m running the default DC correction (in fact the only correction I’m aware of). I will have to ask people far more knowledgeable that I – let’s see what they say.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Simon or anyone.
I have this set of signals independent of the tuning frequency. Could it be I/Q correction not quite right?

Two attached images are 1 gHz apart but identical.  Same set of signals up and down the tuning range always in the center of the Spectrum display


Setup is:
HackRF - I have two both with the same output

Antenna - Terminated in a 50 ohm load

Windows 10

SDR Console - V3 latest version


Is there a fix?



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