Re: SDR Console Version 2 License

Herb Keaton

Thank you for the information: I will resist the urge to uninstall in the future.
Also, making up terms like "audio crash". Not helpful, I am sorry about that.

The screenshots are attached. (#1) shows 20 meters with and signals present.
Then (#2)  I shifted via memory preset to 11670 AM.
I could have done this any way via the VFO or the radio: crash.
Then, (#3)  I shift back via memory preset to 20 meters. No change.

Then, (#4) under Radio, Stop...Select....SDR Play and I am back in business.

If instead, I go to Tools....Restart, the program restarts with a red X beside
the select radio definition for the SDR Play. That's the ONLY radio definition
I presently have.

Does this help clear us up?

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