Re: SDR Console Version 2 License

Herb Keaton

Thanks very much for the efforts and posting 2.3 build 2754. I uninstalled previous version and did the normal install as posted to Dropbox. Everything seemed to go in smoothly, no issues. Omnirig was unaffected as I still have it tracking the radio and both directions as before. Much to my surprise, the memories remained in tact. Trying to figure that out.

The crashes are still occurring whether I change frequency in VFO A or B or on the radio. Crossing that 12,000.00 MHZ barrier crashes the audio. The external radio setting still tracks properly. If I stop the radio and select in again, it picks up and takes off as previously. It seems to move without issue below 12 MHZ.

I will work on it this weekend, perhaps I need to look at my SDR RSP1 panadapter configuration. 

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