Re: Pluto

Bernard Malet

Dear Simon,

Before this new purchase of PLUTO, Simon, it is necessary to bring out the limeSDR of the cardboard that you put in the bottom of the cupboard and to continue to optimize your superb software ConsoleV3 to make live greatly the LimeSDR

Maybe "DONALDSDR", will also come out soon (He too has two big ears), It's funnier to listen to!

How much Euro, did you have to pay in Taxes to recover your LimeSDR?

Do not forget to heat the soldering iron to remove this awful reel since the V1.4 is at home. There are surely other components to be modified again for an optimization at 100 KHz

See the Topic of Marty, KNOCK: "Happy days are here again - LimeSDR lives in HF!"


Very happy to have contributed for me to make move the manufacturer.
See Topic "Where did the 100 KHz go? "

Good readings at all
Very good weekend

73 Bernard

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