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paul newcombe <G6YZC@...>

Thank you Simon,

I too was wondering the same as when I have googled Thetis the pickings were slim.

I guess I need to look for some links to the new firmware and also versions of PWRSDR that are called Thetis as I really would like to run both SDRC and PWRSDR  rather than one or the other. 



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I have the very latest firmware and it works well, this is the new API which works with Thetis (new name for PowerSDR) and my own software. I don’t know about cuSDR.


If you want to play with the 10EE then shout at me off-list, a can do some hand-holding via SKYPE then you’re off.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Hi Barry,

         I have an Anan 10EE which I believe is a 10E with an added E hi but the question is the same, from your

reply I need to upload the Thetis firmware to my box, will it still work with  the likes of PowerSDR and CuSDR ?

as well as wspr ? from your previous answer I assume that it will, but I've been caught out with assumption's before hi not a nice thing to happen, thanks for your time.


73's Jim G4JIX.

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